This is the story of my first day.*
INTERVIEWED BY Sraavya Chintalapati

"And everything, everything is new, and people's accent, you know, at the customs at the airport is different so it's hard to understand initially"

Hyderabad , India

Irving, Texas





Alright, we're recording. So what year did you arrive in the United States?


1999, and how old were you then?


23 years old. And where were you living before you came to the U.S- So city and state, or country?

Hyderabad, India.

Hyderabad, India, okay. And what city and state did you arrive in the US for your first day?

State is Texas and Dallas. It's like Irving, Texas.

Okay. And what brought you to the United States?

I was married. My husband is working in United States. So that's how I joined him.

So you relocated to the United States once you got married?


Okay. And what mode of transportation did you take?

Oh, through flight we came. From Hyderabad to Mumbai, we took domestic airlines. From Mumbai to Frankfurt, and Frankfurt to Dallas. That means, Irving. Yeah, it's an international travel. So we took Lufthansa Airlines for that.

Okay. So you took around three flights in total in order to get to Dallas.


So from Hyderabad, India to Mumbai, India, and then from Mumbai, India to Frankfurt, Germany and Frankfurt, Germany to Dallas, Texas, Irving. And how was your trip? How was the flight?

Flight is okay, flight is fine, because it's my first time experiencing. So it was okay. Yeah, but it was a long journey. And, yeah, and the wait in the Mumbai airport until, you know, you board for the Frankfurt flight is a little bit harder.

Okay, so this was your first flight?

Yes, this is my first flight. Yeah.

And how did you feel?

I wanted to be done. Because it’s definitely, you have to be constrained to one seat, and you know, you have to, it's a long journey.

So you had to endure through a long journey. And how many hours would you say was this flight? Approximately your entire travel time?

Maybe around one day, more than one day.

And who met you once you arrived in Texas?

My husband's friends, they picked us from the airport to our apartment.

Okay, and what were your first impressions of the country?

It was very quiet. And everything, everything is new, and people's accent, you know, at the customs at the airport is different so it's hard to understand initially. We came in February so it's very, like, dull and little bit, it's cold and dull like that.

What did you do on your first day?

Yeah, my husband’s friends, they welcomed us with our apartment. And then we had some time with them. And they left, and me and my husband, we went to an Indian restaurant. It's a North Indian restaurant, and I was happy to see the Indian food there.

Yeah, and why were you happy?

I thought there would be Indian food, they would be good Indian food, or at least some decent Indian food. So I was very happy on the first day to see the Indian food.

So you stayed at your husband's apartment and you met up with some friends there.


And you had Indian food?


Thank you so much for doing this interview with me. I really appreciate it.

Thank you.

* The contributor of this story has asked that their name be withheld.