My name is Hansa Jani.

"And we were so happy that Rockefeller Center. Oh my god. It was just like a heaven. And people are enjoying so much, so much shopping and everything."

Ahmedabad, India

Hoboken, New Jersey





From next day he [husband] says "Let's go to first..." We went to the grocery store, we pick up everything what we wanted to and he introduced me, "This is the way people are shopping over here," so different, very good stores I like that I impressed with that nice store, nice putting the things everything and whatever you want it you take it you pay there at cash register that I like. And then we went to the near the Hoboken [New Jersey] that river I forgot, the waterfront or everywhere he took it away every day.

And third day we went to the New York, and I saw the New York, oh my god and it was what you call a Christmas time. And we were so happy that Rockefeller Center. Oh my god. It was just like a heaven, heaven. And people are enjoying so much so much shopping and everything. And we enjoyed it, two three times we went before the Christmas and the Christmas time. His best friend was American. And he says that your wife came your daughter came, come to the Christmas Day to our home. And we went to, wait I forgot the town, I forgot. But we went to his home and his whole family was gathered. And we have a nice breakfast and coffee and everything. And after one hour and they gave us so many gift to me and Ashini [daughter]. We also bought so many gifts for them from India. I bought it, I gave it to everybody. Then after a couple of hours we talk and eat and everything. Then we went to his sister's home. And then they planned for the lunch.

So Hansa is not eating meat and Ashini was a first day for that. But my husband told me that “Look, we are going to live in America. Then I wanted to feed my children non-veg too.” I say “I don't mind it.” He says “I am eating meat, but you don't do, if you don't want it then it's okay. We will go to Indian store and buy the Indian grocery.” He was eating that too because he was not used to, in India we are vegetarian people. Over here at that time there was a no [...], nothing when he used to eat chicken and like that.

My husband was living in Hoboken, I think Willow Park, some street I forgot. There was a first floor, second floor and third floor. That first floor that Mr. Harish Desai was living and his wife was living Naina Desai. And we came around at night, middle of the night. Then in morning they call - the Hansa came, “Oh, here’s my wife,” Ashini came, “Oh my daughter is waiting for her breakfast and tea.” Then we dressed up and we went over there. That was first my friends that was Indian from Gujarat, they were Gujarati and with them one other friend was living, Tarun Bhai, Tarun Shah. He was he’s also an accountant and very highly educated people and I liked that we have still friendship with them.

Right is that then other Kirit Parikh who was his friends then that also we have very good relation up to now. If I don't call them, they call every time, and a very good relation. You know that my friends, my - across the street my when I was living with my parents, my friend Renu, she was here she says, “Oh Hansa you came, I want to come to your home.” She came. She says “Don't cook anything.” And then she said “No, we will go for pizza,” and first time I ate pizza. I liked it. Ashini also liked the pizza [laughs].