My name is Prinze Whyee.
INTERVIEWED BY a George Washington Carver High School Student

Monrovia, Liberia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





So I have some questions for you about your first day in America. So the first question, what was the first thing you ate in America?

Well, the first thing I ate in America was a pizza. The pizza was, as being new to this country, I felt like it was a different food. I wasn't used to it. But I pretty much got used to it as time went by. So when we arrived here, there was a situation where I was invited to a Super Bowl party by my next door neighbor, and there they introduce, well, that's where I pretty much saw and ate pizza. And from there, I fell in love with pizza.

What was the first thing you saw in the US?

First thing I saw was the skyscrapers. You know, the high rises. I read, I've seen them in the books, and I've seen it in films, and movies. But when I arrived, driving through the city of Philadelphia, I was able to see some high rises and see some beautiful landscape.

What are some big cultural differences or cultural [similarities] when you arrived? Can you share what you felt like?

Well, what happened was, I wasn't told that it would have been that cold upon arrival. So I wore my African bazin which is an African outfit. So when I arrived at the airport, everybody was dressed up warm, and I was not, so it was more like a shock to me, because I was wearing my African outfit, which is meant for summer. But you know, it was pretty much, you know, a shock to me.

What are some cultural similarities that you’ve felt?

Cultural similarities, I will say, you know, we speak English in Liberia, and here in the US you speak English. Yeah, basically, we have a lot in common, but not so much. But I will say yes, Liberians speak English, and Americans speak English. But also, there are multiple languages in the US. We have different languages in Liberia as well, about 16 different dialects in Liberia and America have multiple.

What do you remember from your first few days in the US when you arrived? Can you share what you felt like?

My first few days were cold. And I felt like I wanted to go back to Liberia because it was cold, and Liberia’s warm, tropical weather. Coming to the US was a big difference because I came in the month of February, and it was very, very cold.

Why did you come to the US?

Well, I came to the US because I wanted to learn, I wanted to go to school. My being here was to obtain higher education, and that's why I came.

Thank you Prince for sharing your thoughts.

Thank you for having me.