This is the story of my first day.*
INTERVIEWED BY Juliette Karubi

Congo, Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The

Manchester , New Hampshire



Manchester , New Hampshire

Have you ever wanted to learn about someone culture? Well this my story, My name is Juliette Karubi. I have 3 sister and 1 brother. I was born in Congo, located in Africa. In Congo we pretty much speak French, Swahili, Lingala. One day as I was playing Chaka outside which is a game that you capture all the stone in your hand then the one that steals the most of others people stones wins—trust me it's harder than it sounds. I never even wanted to play it but I still play it. Then I heard my mom shouting “yess we did it .“ At first I thought she was just talking to herself like always. I ran quickly towards her “mom what wrong?“

"Juliette Juliette. Smiling, we are going to America tomorrow" said mama happily. "Really tomorrow wow mama ” I said excitedly.

“Yeah ain’t that great” said mama, “yes mama it is “ I reply.

That same evening we all had to shop for jacket, gloves and boots. Which was very new to me. Likely I had to stay home because they didn’t want to go with kids anywhere even though I felt like I was 21. Around 10pm I heard the door (“ding-dong”).

“Coming,“ slowly opening the door, ”yessss“ I said in a low voice.

Mama looking at me angrily to open the door. Walking away from the door, mama called me “juju.“ “Coming.“ "Look what I got you.“

“Lovely“ I reply. Mama said "well it time to go sleep cause tomorrow is a big day, we are going to be in air for almost 2 days so make sure you sleep enough."

"Okay thanks mama“ I reply. The next morning I was the first person to wake up around 4 am. Sitting in my bed I can only think of foods and candies. Then I started getting ready to go, putting on my jacket, gloves, pants and hat. Saying bye was the most emotional part of my journey. Leaving my family and friends was really hard for me.

"Grandma I will miss you“ I said crying.

Looking at my cousins and friends made me cry more.

"Make sure when you will come back here, you will bring me candies and a lot of money“ Luna, my friend said.

After five hours we where at Kigali which is located in the center of Rwanda. I remember asking for break every 10 minutes cause I was feeling butterflies in my stomach. After a hour of break we got back on the road. Then in 10 minutes we where in the airport of Kigali. Going in the airport I was really excited, smiling the whole time until it was time to fly. I started shaking and crying “mama help me.“

The next morning we where at Dubai. Looking through the window “it so beautiful“ I said. My siblings were sleeping, again I was the only one awake. About a hour and a half later I went to sleep. The next morning we were in New York, passing the Statue of Liberty. About an hour later we got in Boston. Through the window it was beautiful and lovely. I remember being so tired that I couldn’t see well and even think. Then we took a bus to go to the center of the airport. Then from the airport we took the train—that was my first time being in a train. Then about 30 minutes later we got an Uber. Being in so many rides I felt like vomiting. After a hour we got to Manchester. Praying and crying at the same time it was my parents dream come true. The end.

* The contributor of this story has asked that their name be withheld.