This is the story of my first day.*

New Delhi, India

NYC, New York


What do you remember from your first few days in the United States when you arrived? Can you share what it felt like and what your first impressions were?

Thanksgiving dinner is all about pacing yourself.

Decades ago when I landed in the US, got my lodgings, and slept through the night - I had a dream like an epiphany - as if my body was riding up into cyberspace and all the coverings which looked like sheets, were falling away, as if all my troubles were over.

My first Thanksgiving Day dinner was at a friend's place - not just any friend - an Italian origin friend and her family which had traveled to her apartment for the family get together.

An Italian Thanksgiving is the end of all Thanksgiving dinners.

There were so many courses - which I did not know was going to be the scenario. So when the appetizer arrived, and that too, after the amazing shrimp cocktails and wine before that, I was already pretty full.

The appetizer was -- Artichoke roasted/baked, with flavors so tasteful - Not only was I tasting an artichoke for the first time - I was blown away by the beauty of it. Of course I thought in my mind that it was not going to be enough for my dinner.

I had no idea that there is no stopping eating in an Italian American Thanksgiving. At least 6 courses appeared one after the other. Every time I thought it was the last, - it was not. But I ate each course in doses that basically left very little if any room for the next course.
I had to literally crawl up the steps to reach my apartment because I was so full. Will never forget that marvelous time!!

Now I make it a point to try and invite new immigrants, and make a meal with courses. But I come nowhere near matching that excellence.

* The contributor of this story has asked that their name be withheld.