My name is Anthony McGreevy.

Belfast, Ireland

Madison Heights, Michigan





Hello, Well I just got here and I came off of the plane and then I got picked up and all I remember was everything was so big. Plus, the car staying on the wrong side of the road didn’t help me as well. So I was kind of nervous. And then I couldn’t believe there were so many fast food places, because back in Ireland, we don’t really eat a lot of fast food. We went like once or twice a year, everything big if you know what I mean. It was just a typical one of those movie things and it was just a reality. And then watching all the different people staring, and all the different people's dresses. From country to country it was just so diverse. Just a strange strange day. And the food. The quantity of everything was too much. Portions was like wow. It was massive and then at the first time I saw people getting doggy bags and taking a box, taking them home, it’s like wow. Then the supersize drinks and all, I was like wow. Only the size of three (inaudible), you can put it into Michigan, so it’s like a really small country. But yeah, just that in general. Just the size and the fast food. Everything was big big big big, if you know what I mean. Plus when I went into the store and I spoke, everybody just used to turn around and just look at you. Everytime I spoke it was like the way everyone just turned, like I was an alien more or less. It was just strange, and they couldn’t understand a word I said, which didn’t really help either.

I was getting picked up by my family. We have a family here, it wasn’t as if I was just coming in. I was just coming to my guy and I just go oh, this is all on my own. No, I finally got picked up. But that was just the whole drive. And that’s why I was confused to be on the other side of the road. And then the lights and you’re turning and then all the fast food chains. Along the road, it was just kind of like a movie kind of thing and it was just kind of like wow.

Welcome to America. It was hard not to just take in, not them staring everywhere you went. Everybody was kind of differently dressed, and the different sayings here. And that was that. I can always remember my first day as everybody always does, you know. It was just strange for me, But good. No bad, no bad. All good.