My name is Koteeswaran Giripalpillai.

"I was a little scared to think that this massive body would be able to fly!"

Bangalore, India

Detroit, Michigan



My son, Suresh, dropped me at the Bangalore Airport around 2am for my first flight to London on the way to Detroit. I always heard these large airplanes taking off at odd-hours from my apartment. I wore my best shirt, pant, and black shoes. The British Airways flight was so massive, I was a little scared to think that this massive body would be able to fly! I boarded the large British Airways aircraft in Bangalore for my first trip to the United States. I had been asked by my daughter to assist her in taking care of her children that summer as she and my son in-law we’re busy with work. When I landed in Detroit around 4pm, the first thing I could see was the open space. The airport was almost empty compared to Bangalore. It was quite pleasant. The immigration officer asked me questions; I was having great difficulty understanding his strange accent. He would not articulate his words and I had to ask him several times to repeat himself. He had realized that I was visiting my daughter and let me go within a few minutes. I gathered my bags and went to the arrivals area.

There I saw - Anandhi, Jayanth, Akash, and Ashika all waiting eagerly to see me. Akash was the first to come hug me with a big smile. The family escorted me to their car. This was the first time I had seen a driver seat on the left side of the car. As we drove off, we immediately reached a 6-line wide road. This was so new to me. My apartment’s street couldn’t fit a tempo-van. I was amazed at the speed that these vehicles were traveling. Jayanth quickly made the conversion and told me we are traveling 130 km/h. Most vehicles in India could not reach this speed. We quickly reached their home. The house was so quiet. I settled into the guest room they made ready for me and decided to sleep off the tiring journey.